Svjetski dan životinja 2016.

civitasovciHappy October 4 – World Animal Day! As in previous years, this year we have also commemorated this great day with numerous activities. As you could already read in the previous post, for World Animal Day, together with the students from the CIVITAS club of the public elementary school “25. novembar” Velika Kladuša, and teacher Ilhana Škrgić, World Animal Day Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have created a video project entitled “If I Had A Voice, I Would Say…”, in which these young animal lovers gave their voice to those who need it the most: stray animals. The official premiere of the video project was held in “25. novembar” at 12:45 p.m. today, after which the students present their project, as well as the special edition of the school wall newspapers, to Radio Velika Kladuša, whose article you can read and watch here.
trecirazred_galerijaIIIa pupils created a special art workshop for this day, as well as a picture book with their favourite animals – you can check out the whole gallery of their artworks below:

Our youngest pupils, the merry Ib graders, with Vb pupil Asja Zahić, also joined the World Animal Day celebration with a special dance and costume party with their favourite animal masks! Check out the video and the gallery below:

We congratulate all the students of the elementary school “25. novembar” on their showing of love and compassion for animals, and we thank them for everything they do for animals, as well as their teachers, Nerma Huskić, Edina Dizdarević, Ilhana Škrgić, as well as other teachers, school counsellor Miralem Hodžić, and school principal Sakib Selimović for supporting this project. You can also read about our World Animal Day celebration on the World Animal Day website. Thank-you to the media and everyone who commemorated this day with us! Love animals and be kind to them every day!